Be'chol Lashon

Be’chol Lashon


Siona Benjamin


Siona Benjamin

Copal, Animal Machine and Pharoah's Daughter

December 8, 2012

Knitting Factory

361 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Sephardic Story Slam

December 9, 2012

Lolita Bar

266 Broome St., NYC

Sephardic Scholar Series

December 10, 2012

CUNY-Graduate Center Elebash Recital Hall

365 Fifth Ave., NYC

Vanessa Paloma & Nadav Lev and Remy Yulzari

December 11, 2012

Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue

2 W. 70th St. at Central Park West, NYC

Israel's Mika Karny and the Kol Dodi Ensemble

December 12, 2012

Le Poisson Rouge

158 Bleecker St., NYC


Move over, "I have a Little Dreidel"--there's an exciting new sound in the air this Hanukkah. The 8th annual Sephardic Music Festivalwill be lighting up Hanukkah in venues around New York from December 8-12, with a new Festival compilation album scheduled for release on December 11. Founded by American-Israeli producer Diwon, the Sephardic Music Festival is the first Jewish music festival to focus exclusively on Sephardic music and culture and showcase the latest Mizrahi, Yemenite, and Ladino artists from around the world. The festival offers a platform for performers of traditional Sephardic folk music and innovators who fuse traditional Sephardic rhythms, melodies, and motifs with modern musical styles. With an incredible range of artists this year, the Sephardic Music Festival presents a colorful tapestry of music and culture as rich, vibrant, and diverse as the Jewish world itself.

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