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Yuvi Tashome



The book is based on the true story of Ethiopian Israeli Yuvi Tashome who is now an activist for Ethiopian Jews. She is a founder of Friends by Nature – Community Empowerment, a non-profit Israeli organization that was established in 2005 by a group of young Israelis working in the fields of multiculturalism, education for tolerance and acceptance, at-risk youth, community renewal and informal education. The founders of “Friends by Nature” represent a diverse mix of Ethiopian-Israelis and veteran Israelis, religious and secular, all sharing in the understanding that the success of immigrant communities within Israel is dependent on a strong sense of identity, the family unit, and appreciation for their unique cultural backgrounds.

When Yuvi completed her military service in the IDF Education Corps in 1998, she was recruited to work as a summer camp counselor at Camp Ramah in New York - which she did for two sequent years. Upon her return to Israel, she joined a special Multicultural Orienteering Program for Ethiopian Israeli youth, and worked as a youth counselor and regional director for 7 years, directing dozens of staff members and developing culturally sensitive educational programs.

Yuvi, mother to Shaked, completed her Bachelor Degree in Israel Studies and Education, and is continuing her studies as a Parents Group Counselor in the Adler Institute. In 2005 Yuvi initiated the Community Gar’in in the Israeli town of Gedera, and is directing it. The Gar’in includes a group of families and young adults, whom Yuvi joined around common vision and goals, through community action and discussion on personal and Jewish identity. The Community Gar’in Yuvi directs works with approximately 200 youth and young adults – most of whom are Ethiopian Israelis.