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2011 Winners: Roberto Loiederman, Erica Lyons, Lesley Simpson & Yuvi Tashomem

The Be'chol Lashon Media Awards honor excellence in coverage of Jewish diversity in print, new media and children's books. In its fifth year, the contest drew entries from around the world, including explorations of African, African-American, Latino, Asian and Arab Jewry. The 2011 winners, receiving $1,000 in each category, were:


2011 Print Award: Roberto Loiederman

The Santa Maria Minyan

Jewish Journal, July 22, 2011

Roberto Loiederman is of Argentinian heritage, whose ancestors left their homes in Russia in 1891 and went to Germany, where they boarded ships headed to Buenos Aires. He is a veteran free-lance journalist, TV writer, and author who's been a kibbutznik and a merchant seaman. He is co-author of "The Eagle Mutiny", a nonfiction account of the only armed shipboard mutiny in modern American history.

Roberto has written many articles about Jewish life around the world including “The Santa Maria Minyan” about a group of Latinos who practice their newfound Judaism in a California farming town.

Learn more about Roberto and his family:

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Roberto Loiederman,
Jewish Journal, September 7, 2006

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Roberto Loiederman,
Jewish Journal, March 30, 2006

Mario Loiederman: Brothers Come Together

Roberto Loiederman,
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2011 New Media Award: Erica Lyons

Asian Jewish Life

Erica Lyons has turned the power of the internet towards shining a light on the diversity of Jewish life throughout Asia. With a broad social media network, Lyons connects with Jews throughout the region and brings a variety of stories to share in a colorful, informative quarterly. Lyons captures the range of Jewish life and experience, from covering contemporary arts and culture like Siona Benjamin’s collages of modern Indian Jews or an anime version of Jewish Chinese relations to political pieces about Jewish tradition and Japanese law regarding the death penalty. She presents the experiences of historic communities such the Jews of Harbin China as well as the lives of expats like Alan Paul who started a band while his wife was on assignment for the Wall Street Journal in China. Poetry and photo essays add to the sense of place and culture that Lyons conveys. She uses new media not only to gather and connect but also share what she is learning and she represents the best of what Jewish media can be in the 21st century.

Learn more about Erica:

Writer’s Profile: An Interview With Erica Lyons

Karen Greenberg, The Jewish, November 4th, 2012


2011 Book Award: Lesley Simpson & Yuvi Tashome

Yuvi's Candy Tree

Lesley Simpson, illus. by Janice Lee Porter, Kar-Ben, 2011


Yuvi's Candy Tree is a picture book (for ages 5 to 9) based on the true story of Ethiopian Israeli Yuvi Tashome. In Ethiopia, Yuvi dreams of a land where water flows, bread is plentiful, and candy grows on trees. Yuvi is five years old when she sneaks out of Ethiopia in the dark on a donkey. It is only after a difficult journey that she arrives in Israel, where it appears that her dreams have come true.

Yuvi narrates her tense exodus from Ethiopia to Israel in this story based on her real-life journey, who was among thousands of Ethiopian Jews relocated, secretly at first, to Israel during the 1980s and '90s as part of Operations Moses and Solomon. Simpson (A Song For My Sister) and Porter (Blackberry Stew) convey the hardships faced by Yuvi, her relatives, and the other refugees (they are robbed three times), while providing reassurance in the form of references to the group's unshakable faith in their escape. "We have angels with us. We'll fly home," Yuvi's grandmother repeatedly tells her. The eponymous candy tree represents the confidence instilled in Yuvi that a better life awaits.

Learn more about Lesley and Yuvi:

Lesley Simpson

Yuvi Tashome


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