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Tobin Health Center Opens in Mbale, Uganda

The director of Be'chol Lashon, Diane Tobin, and members of the Be'chol Lashon team traveled to Uganda in June 2010 for the dedication of the Tobin Health Center, named for Gary Tobin and built by the Abayudaya. Please take a moment to view the Video Podcast of this extraordinary event.

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Gates of Healing: The Abayudaya Health and Economic Development Project

The Abayudaya, a growing community of over 1,000 Jews established in 1919 in Uganda, are currently thriving under the leadership of Rabbi Gershom Sizomu. In partnership with the Abayudaya, BeĆ­chol Lashon is making a significant contribution to the health and well being of both the Abayudaya and the larger community.

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