Help Build the Abayudaya Synagogue & Community Center

A Synagogue & Community Center is part of a strategic vision to ensure the health and security of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda today, and for generations to come.


Be'chol Lashon and the leadership of the Abayudaya are launching a capital project to build a new Synagogue and Community Center. This project is part of the Community Health & Development Plan that successfully constructed the Tobin Health Center in downtown Mbale as well as the Abayudaya Guest House in Nabagogye. In addition to religious worship and lifecycle events, the community center will provide social services that benefit the entire community.

The Childcare Center

As we know, across the world women are faced with the universal challenge of balancing education and work with having a family. In Uganda the concept of institutional childcare is still new. The proposed Childcare Center will both ensure the active participation of women in the economy and provide pre–school children with access to a safe educational environment.

Food Security

Most Ugandans are subsistence farmers who are at the mercy of the harvest in order to feed their families. There is a critical need for to store food for the time of the year when food is scarce. The Community Center will include space where community members can store surplus crops.

Jewish Leadership Training

Building Jewish community in Africa requires local training. Currently, there are seven students studying with Rabbi Sizomu, with more interested. The Community Center will provide space and elevate the Abayudaya Yeshiva.

A Synagogue and Community Center is vital for the heath and well–being of the Abayudaya community. Improved healthcare and community development provided by the Abayudaya Jewish community to their Christian and Muslim neighbors promotes peaceful co–existence and helps combat anti–Semitism. Please help ensure the health and security of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda today, and for generations to come.


Be'chol Lashon is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
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