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NEW! Spanish-Hebrew Prayer Books

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Be’chol Lashon, together with Rabbi Juan Mejia, is excited to offer four downloadable Jewish prayer books or Siddurim, which are unique resources for Spanish speakers. The idea for the project came to Rabbi Mejia after realizing that in some parts of the Spanish-speaking world it can be hard to get Spanish language Jewish resources and that shipping books is often too costly.

The prayer books can be used by individuals whose primary language is Spanish and by non-Spanish congregations that want to be able to welcome Spanish speakers into their midst.

Spanish language information about the prayer books as well as other SPanish language Jewish resources can be found at


These prayer books represent the best of Jewish tradition and contemporary technology. We hope that you will consider making a minimum donation of $18 to help support the scholarship and effort needed to maintain this valuable resource that we make available for free.

Why are there several prayer books?

Traditionally Jews pray three times a day, with the form shifting according to time of day and differing again for holidays and weekdays. Some prayersbooks bundle all the variations into one hard to handle volume. Given the translation and transliteration, we have chosen to break them into separate books.

What is the difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi?

Be’chol Lashon is committed to celebrating the diversity of global Jewish expressions, we are proud to present to present both Sephardic and Ashkenazi prayer books. While the form of Jewish prayer share much the world over, there are some variations in language and formatting that are known in Hebrew as nusach.

The Sephardic nusach originated in Spain and Portugal, also called “Spanish-Portuguese,” is found in the Kol Tuv Sepharad versions.

The Ashkenazi nusach traces its roots to the Jewish communities of Central Europe, found in Minjat Rafael versions. The Ashkenazi version is annotated so that the user can follow along with pages from many of the mainstream Jewish prayer books.

If you are looking to adopt a prayer book for regular use and have any questions about which version would be most appropriate for you, please consult a rabbi in your community or email

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How to download the Prayerbooks

Please see samples of the prayerbooks below. This is a work in progress by Rabbi Mejia, and additional prayer books will be offered in the future. In order to download the full versions of the Hebrew/Spanish Ashkenazi or Sephardic prayer books, please CLICK HERE to sign in.

Sephardic / Kol Tuv Sefarad

Chol / Weekdays
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Sephardic / Kol Tuv Sefarad

Sabbath Eve / Friday night
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Ashkenazi / Minjat Rafael

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Ashkenazi / Minjat Rafael

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