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I Love Jewish Faces

by Debra Darvick
Publication: URJ Press; First edition, 2009

Ages 4-8


In ninety-four words and thirty-plus photos, I Love Jewish Faces turns the image of the Yiddishe punim (Jewish face) on its head. Debra Darvick s delightful picture book mirrors today s emerging Jewish reality: a Jewish face is dark-haired and dark-eyed and blonde and blue-eyed. A Jewish face belongs to a Chinese adoptee and to a newborn from Guatamala. It s the face of an African American convert and that of a festively dressed bride from India. I Love Jewish Faces sings the long overdue song of Jewish diversity with passion, honesty, and celebration. Children adopted from other countries need to see themselves in their Jewish books, says Darvick. Their friends and classmates need reminding that not all Jewish faces resemble those of European Jews. I Love Jewish Faces affirms identity, embraces diversity, and celebrates Jewish life, all in one remarkable little book. -- Editorial Reviews Amazon




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