Be'chol Lashon

Be’chol Lashon


Children's Books

I Love Jewish FacesJalapeno Bagels

by Natasha Wing, Robert Casilla (Illustrator)
Publication: Atheneum, 1996

Ages 4-8


A delightful, albeit contrived, story of a happy, hard-working family. When Pablo must bring something to share for his school's International Day, he considers several items from his family's bakery. But his mother's Mexican pan dulce, empanadas, and chango bars don't do the trick. His father's bagels and challah bread are appealing, but not quite right either. Then the boy helps to make the family specialty, Jalapeno Bagels -- a joint creation from the cultures of both parents and decides that it is the perfect contribution: "...a mixture of both of you. Just like me." The text, placed on a white background, is easy to read and well balanced with the charming pictures. The soft, full-page watercolor illustrations are gentle and brightly colored. A Yiddish and Spanish glossary and recipes are included at the end. This book will whet readers' appetites for multicultural fare and offers food for thought for school assignments. -- School Library Journal




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