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Children's Books

On the Wings of Eagles: An Ethiopian Child's StoryOn the Wings of Eagles: An Ethiopian Child's Story

by Jeffrey Schrier
Publication: Millbrook Press, 1998

Ages 4-8


A group of Israeli campers gather around Isaiah, an Ethiopian Jewish boy, as he tells poignant tales of his homeland, interspersed with melodies from his bamboo flute. The child shares the legends his grandmother told him of the origin of his people and the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba; he tells of personal hardships and explains the years of suffering at the hands of fellow countrymen. Last of all, he recounts the struggles of his people as they attempt to flee their homes and start new lives in Israel. The unusual collage illustrations combine slightly out of focus photographs, line drawings, and Judaic art against the background of a hand-woven robe commonly worn in the highlands of Ethiopia. A historical afterword and a note on the art are included. This highly emotional story, based on an article by David Grossman in the New York Times on May 29, 1991, is filled with sorrow and presents the point of view of just one of the groups to suffer persecution and hardship in this African nation. -- School Library Journal




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