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Holidays 101

High Holidays


New to the New Year: Jewish High Holiday Basics

Around the world, the Jewish New Year begins with the holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Read on...

Jewish Time

Jewish time means Jewish holidays flow to their own rhythm. While some of the Jewish time practices may feel unfamiliar to those most used to the Gregorian calendar, it is not hard to understand Jewish time. Read on...

Sukkot 101

Sukkot is a fall festival that dates back to ancient times when the Jewish holiday cycle was set in sync with the agricultural cycle of the land of Israel. Read on...


Chanukah 101

Channuka is known in Judaism as the festival of lights because itís main ritual element is the lighting of the Channukiya, sometimes known as the menorah. Read on...


Purim 101

Jews throughout the world, surrounded by anti-Semitism, take great joy in a holiday that reminds them, that even though throughout the course of Jewish History there have been too many real-life "Hamans," in the end Hashem (God) never lets the anti-Semites win. Nevertheless, Jews must resist becoming too complacent in our lives. Read on...


Passover 101

Passover is one the highlights of the Jewish year. Around the world Jews, recount the exodus from slavery in Egypt and gather to have a ritual Seder meal that features Matza in place of bread, questions, songs and discussions of freedom. Read on...


Shavuot 101

In ancient times, Shavuot was one of three pilgrimage festivals, for which people came to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It was timed with the start of the harvest season and pilgrims brought offerings from the first of the harvest. Read on...