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"Hanukkah Moon"


Cover of Hanukkah Moon


What is happening on the 6th night?
There is a bustling Jewish community in Mexico City, Mexico with many synagogues, kosher restaurants, sports clubs, school and Jewish stores. Lesser known than other Jewish communities, the Jews of Mexico have much to offer. You might not be able to get there in time for Hanukkah to celebrate in style, but this beautiful children's book allows you to connect with the traditions and customs of Mexican Jews.

The sixth night of Chanukah is blessed with the new moon which in Jewish tradition heralds the beginning of a new month. For families looking to make this night special, Deborah Da Costa's modern tale, Hanukkah Moon, provides much inspiration. Aunt Luisa embraces her Mexican Jewish heritage, she welcomes the holiday with a sign that says, "Feliz Januca." There is a dreidel piñata filled with chocolate coins and tiny prizes. There are potato latkes and couscous. One need not be a Mexican Jew, like Luisa or her niece Isobel, to embrace these holiday traditions. Follow Aunt Luisa's example or add your own flair. The sixth night of Chanukah is a great time to read this beautifully illustrated book which will appeal to children ages 6 and up and will help make Mexican Jewish customs part of your family's traditions.