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Hanukkah Trivia

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Every day at Camp Be'chol Lashon, our campers learn about multicultural Jewish communities around world through art, music, dance and cooking. Our goal is to strengthen Jewish identity by expanding their awareness of themselves in relation to the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jewish peoplehood.

Can you match their knowledge of Hanukkah facts?

In what country was it traditional to nail the Hanukkah menorah to the wall outside your home?




All of the above

What do the letters on Israeli dreidls stand for?

A great miracle happened there

A great miracle happened here

Maccabees win, Greeks lose

None of the above

Which community only recently started to celebrate Hanukkah?

Persian Jews

German Jews

Ugandan Jews

Polish Jews

In which community was it common for fathers and sons to light a double-decker menorah?


Buenos Aires



In the Hanukkah story the Macabees battled which army?

The Egyptians

The Hittites

The Romans

The Greeks

Which of the following is NOT a Hanukkah treat?

Moroccan Sfenj

Sephardi Bunuelos

Argentinian Dulce de Leche

Israeli Sufganiyot

"Gelt" is the name given to either real or chocolate coins shared as gifts at Hanukkah. What Jewish language is the word "gelt"?





In which country did women wear bells on their clothing and dance in streets to celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah?





Which night of Hannukah is blessed with the new moon which in Jewish tradition heralds the beginning of a new month.

6th night

1st night

8th night

None of the above

Which of the following characterizes the seventh night of Hanukkah?

It is a Sephardic tradtion.

It honors the Jewish heroine Judith.

Sambusak B-Jibbin (Cheese Sambusak) is a traditional treat.

All of the above

Thanks for traveling the Jewish world with us. Happy Hanukkah!

This Hanukkah season, support a diverse Jewish community. Find out more at

You really know your stuff! Happy Hanukkah!

This Hanukkah season, support a diverse Jewish community. Find out more at