Be'chol Lashon

Be’chol Lashon

Spark Discussion About Racial Justice This Passover

Jews are a people of memory and action. On Passover, we are encouraged to connect the biblical story of Exodus to communal and individual struggles for liberation, and are reminded that the fight for freedom is ongoing. According to our research, 20% of American Jews identify as African American, Latinx, Asian, mixed race, Sephardic, and/or Mizrahi. Our new Haggadah insert encourages seder participants to engage in meaningful conversations about racial justice.

Download and print the resources below, created in partnership with Repair the World, and bring them to your seder table this Passover.

Trivia Place Cards

Welcome your guests to their seats with these trivia place cards that celebrate Passover rituals and traditions from diverse Jewish communities around the world, reminding us that Jews are a multicultural people. (The PDF file has fields for you to type in the names of your guests.)


1. Click on the icon to the left.
2. Type the names of your guests in the name fields.
3. Print the document in color or black and white.
4. Cut out and fold the place cards. (Write the names of your guests on the cards if you didn't type them.)

Haggadah Insert: Avadim Hayinu

How are we free today? How are we still struggling? Use our Haggadah insert to lead a discussion of these and other questions during Avadim Hayinu, "we were slaves," the storytelling section of the Passover seder (or wherever it works best!).


1. Click on the icon to the left.
2. Print the insert in color or black and white.
3. Use the insert during your seder.

Not Hosting Your Own Seder?

Invite your seder host to use our Haggadah insert and place cards by filling out the form below. We'll send the materials straight to their inbox. Together, we'll fill our seder with renewed meaning this Passover.

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