Alysha Beyer and family

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Alysha Beyer

Alysha Beyer Speaking about her daughter and Camp Be'chol Lashon

We live in Phnom Penh Cambodia. I have lived abroad for over twelve years. My husband is African. My daughter Ndashi is also African but has gone to international schools her whole life so she speaks with an American accent and culturally seems more American. Ndashi just went to America for the first time in her life about a year ago.

We celebrate Shabbat at home often and celebrate the major holidays. Seder is usually random Jewish NGO workers, peace Corp volunteers and travelers at my home. I have organized Jewish community events, led services for holiday, etc, wherever I have gone.

Ndashi is right at home in an intercultural environment, that is all she knows, but jewish community is new to her. Ndashi will be bat mitzvah age soon and I desperately need her to feel part of a larger Jewish world and I hope she can attend Camp Be'chol Lashon next year.

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