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The holiday of Shavuot is a late springtime festival that marks both the harvest of the first fruits and the giving of the Torah at Sinai. According to Jewish tradition, the Torah has 70 faces and the celebration of Shavuot, accordingly has many traditions and diverse customs. Of particular note, Shavuot is also of special interest to multicultural Jews and converts as the story of Ruth, a Moabite convert to Judaism, is read on Shavuot.

Holiday 101

New to Judaism? Donít remember what you learned in Hebrew school? Fuzzy on the finer points? Or just wondering? The articles in this section provide a short introduction to some basic Jewish concepts. Let us know if there are 101 questions or topics you would like to have addressed. Read on...

Torah & Prayer

Around the world each Jewish community developed its own interpretations of ancient Jewish teachings and traditions but throughout the world, Torah and prayer are unifying elements of Jewish life. The multicultural diversity of approaches to Torah and prayer serves as a reminder of the many ways Jews interact with the richness of this ancient tradition. Torah and prayer can also be means by which we come to better understand and explore the diversity of our multicultural global world. Read on...


Since ancient times food has been part of the cultural, religious and social life of Jews and Judaism. As Jewish communities have emerged across the globe over the centuries, Jewish food has borrowed from the eating patterns of the larger communities. Even amidst this sharing and adapting, Jews often put a Jewish spin on local foods. The articles in this section explore the multicultural diversity of global Jewish food traditions and provide recipes to make at home. Read on...

Real People

Each person has their own story, their own experience of being Jewish, their own journey through life. Each of the stories in this section is unique, representing one facet of the complex multicultural diverse contemporary Jewish landscape. Read the stories of others and consider sharing your own. Read on...

Family Friendly

Family has always been central to Jewish life. Engaging children and extended relations in Jewish living provides its own challenges and rewards. Multicultural families and those with young children can face unique challenges. Read about engaging those you love with Jewish tradition. Read on...

Around the World

The diversity of Jewish communities past and present means that through the centuries and even today Jewish life, tradition, and culture varies greatly from place to place. Read about the diversity and richness of Jewish life as it is celebrated and lived around the world. Read on...

About You

Judaism is an ongoing mix of received traditions and innovations. It combines that which we have learned from our ancestors together with our ability to see the relevance in our own times and ways.
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