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High Holidays


Rosh Hashanah, Calcutta Style

On Rosh Hashanah afternoon, many Calcutta families opened their homes to others for the traditional reading of the Book of Psalms, accompanied by a light meal of sweets and fruit. While the distinctive Calcutta lifestyle has vanished with the dispersion of the community, my family follows many of the Calcutta customs, including the Rosh Hashanah seder. Read on...


Sephardic Rosh Hashanah Piyut (Hymn)

Like Jews in communities around the world, Jews in Uganda celebrate with joy the opportunity for renewal at the New Year. People dress in white to symbolize the cleansing newness of the holiday. Read on...

Gordons L'Shanah Tovah from Be'chol Lashon

Around the world, Jews of all ethnic and racial backgrounds have one thing to say as Rosh Hashana approaches: Happy New Year! From all of us at Be’chol Lashon, may it be a year of blessings, growth, sweetness and joy.

Kol Nidrei- The Moroccon Version

Eyal Bitton sings the beautiful & ancient Moroccan version ofKol Nidrei in a modern style. This haunting oath is sung on Yom Kippur by Jewish communities worldwide - Sephardi & Ashkenazi. Click here for other links of Kol Nidre Videos

Apples and Honey

At the foundation of the Rosh Hashana table are round and sweet foods. Today, the Eastern European custom of apples and honey have become ubiquitous, overshadowing the Mizrachi tradition of dipping challah in honey or the Spanish-Portuguese tradition of dipping challah in a sugary apple compote. Read on...

Rosh Hashana in Uganda

Like Jews in communities around the world, Jews in Uganda celebrate with joy the opportunity for renewal at the New Year. People dress in white to symbolize the cleansing newness of the holiday. Read on...





Entering the Sukkah City Competition

Biblical in origin, the sukkah is an ephemeral, elemental shelter, erected for one week each fall, in which it is customary to share meals, entertain, sleep, and rejoice. 'Sukkah City' is an international design competition to re-imagine this ancient phenomenon, develop new methods of material practice and parametric design, and propose radical possibilities for traditional design constraints in a contemporary urban site. Read on...

From Italy to America: An Etrog's Journey

Every year my brother Levi goes to Italy, to Calabria, to supervise the harvest of Etrogim. The Etrog is a special fruit that grows on fragile trees. The trunk is so delicate and thin that farmers like to graft it with other kinds of trees to make it stronger. But an Etrog to be kosher, it needs to be from trees that have not been grafted. Levi goes to supervise. He goes every year from July to the middle of September, so the growers know him. Read on...




Chanukah Around The World: 8 Ways To Celebrate

Chanukah is a holiday with 8 different lights and many traditions. Explore how different Jewish communities around the world celebrate the holiday. Read on...

Do black Jews celebrate Chanukah differently?

Do black Jews celebrate Hanukkah differently than other Jews? Lawson suggests there are some cultural differences, but overall everything is the same. Read on...



Gordons Kaifeng Jews Celebrating Purim!

Even in China Jews are celebrating Purim with costumes and hamantaschen. See some of the festivities of Jews on the other side of the world. View the photos here...

Gordons Purim Around the World

Jews throughout the world, surrounded by anti-Semitism, take great joy in a holiday that reminds them, that even though throughout the course of Jewish History there have been too many real-life "Hamans," in the end Hashem (God) never lets the anti-Semites win. Read More...



The Global Experience of Passover

Every year at Passover Jews gather round tables to share in the Seder, reliving through custom and ritual, the experience of leaving Egypt and slavery, and emerging into freedom. The words only tell the story. The customs, songs, and foods help create that sense of being there. Read on...

Passover in Ethiopia

In 1977, the Israeli government began airlifting the entire community of Ethiopian Jews, who were facing starvation and governmental anti-Semitism. The exodus officially ended in 1991, when nearly all the Beta Israel, as they’re known, were relocated to Israel. Read on...



70 Faces of the Torah

On Shavuot, we celebrate the giving of Torah at Mount Sinai. According to Jewish tradition, the Torah has seventy “faces”, but is still one, unified Torah. Shavuot customs celebrate the gift of Torah, and show the same diverse presentation of a few unifying core ideas. Each Jewish culture is unique, and at the same time, integrated with the worldwide Jewish community. Read on...