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Kenny Kahn finds his passion coaching high school football


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Congratulations to Kenny Kahn, winner of the prestigious 2013 Diller Award for Excellence in Informal Jewish Education

El Cerrito High School football coach and English teacher Kenny Kahn is this year's recipient of the Helen Diller Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. The $10,000 prize is being given to Kahn who is the co-director of Camp Be'chol Lashon now in its fifth year. Kahn provides mentorship throughout the year to multiracial Jews like himself, helping them celebrate the many strength of their identities.

Growing up black and Jewish, Kenny is unwittingly and purposefully committed to breaking down barriers and changing stereotypes in the Jewish community. Kenny has the amazing ability to build bridges between people and is a liaison between the general and Jewish communities.

Kenny has been instrumental in the development and growth of Camp Be'chol Lashon since its inception, including energizing the innovative curriculum where campers "travel" to a different Jewish community around the world everyday through text, music, dance, and art.

Kenny Kahn embodies what we want in our Jewish educators. Kenny has a gift for creating programs that engage youth in conversations that allow them to express their entire selves. He works as hard for his students and campers as he expects them to work for themselves.