Be'chol Lashon Podcast: Be'chol Lashon in Uganda

The director of Be'chol Lashon, Diane Tobin, and members of the Be'chol Lashon team traveled to Uganda in June 2010 for the dedication of the Tobin Health Center, named for Gary Tobin and built by the Abayudaya. The health center represents a major step in an ongoing health and development project undertaken by the Abayudaya and Be'chol Lashon.

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Gary Tobinís Legacy Lives on in New Ugandan Health Center
By Amanda Pazornik, j. Weekly, July 22, 2010

On the day of the grand opening of the Tobin Health Center in Mbale, Uganda, health professionals were already hard at work treating patients inside. The center was open for business, commemorated by a lively celebration featuring musical performances and speakers.