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Walter Isaac


Walter Isaac, PhD is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and Temple University. He actively promotes interracial dialogue within the American Jewish community. A former instructor of multicultural Judaism, he is a specialist on Afro-Judaism and has conducted advanced research on specifically African American Jewish communities. Dr. Isaac is also a rabbi. For over fifteen years, he has lectured on the meaning of racial inclusion in Judaism and conducted outreach to assimilated and/or marginalized Jewish communities.

Topic Examples:

History of Blacks and Jews in the U.S. - This presentation will focus on the shared struggles of Blacks and Jews in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on the purpose of furthering democratic sensibilities in Western civilization

Multicultural Judaism - This presentation will examine the extent to which the notion of "multiculturalism" can apply to Judaism. It will incorporate the problems of applying Jewish life to a democratic society.

Jews of color - This presentation will examine a variety of issues encountered by Jews of color in the Jewish community. Some of the issues raised will include intermarriage, racial discrimination, assimilation, acceptance by the mainstream Jewish community, etc.