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Reuben 'Prodezra' Formey


Southern, Jewish Rap!? A Baal T'shuva, Prodezra Beats hails from Savannah, GA. An independent hiphop rapper/producer, he broke out big on the scene when he produced the track "Change" with Y-Love & DeScribe and G-dcast's biggest video for Rosh Hoshanah, "Shofar Callin." Prodezra started making beats as a hobby in early high school with just an old Casio board & computer. Being a member of school bands from a young age contributed to his knack for creating hard-hitting tracks early on. After going down the wrong road, Prodezra made some positive changes in his life, crediting Chabad & Breslov teachings. Now he's using his G-d given talent for good.

He has hard-hitting lyrics over head-bobbing beats with southern flavor and he's being heard by audiences across the globe. His unique place in Jewish music is gaining him appreciation in high places, and he was invited last Chanukah to perform before the Atlanta Hawks game at Philip Arena. Not only is his music jamming and inspirational, but he also has a postive personal message to share about his life and the changes he made spiritually.