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Gina Gold


Gina Gold is a humorist, filmmaker and stage artist. She grew up in a New York neighborhood thinking "oy vey" was something all black people said. Inspired by comedians like Carol Burnett and Lewis CK, Gina boldly pokes fun at her own idiosyncrasies as a Jewish African-American Bay Area native who is really from Queens. At the age of thirteen she attended The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts and later wrote her own one woman shows before venturing into filmmaking. She launched her own show on a New York cable access channel. Calling it "The Gina Gold Show," she filled the airtime with comedic, sometimes surreal, Saturday Night Live-style sketches and short films.

After telling a story called Hands Up on NPR's radio show Snap Judgment, Gina fell in love with storytelling and started her own series called TMI (Too Much Information ) which she currently produces. TMI features a rotating cast of storytellers giving an unadulterated, often hardcore look at life. She is also on tour in a show called You're Funny But You Don't Look Jewish, a touring stand up comedy show with some very funny African American, Indian, Italian American and Vietnamese Jewish comedians.